Frog/Water Deck attempt



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    Frog/Water Deck attempt

    Post by Th3_Punish3r on Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:54 am

    Hi guys, trying to make a frog/water deck but not kmuch experience with these, could use some help,


    Genex controler x2
    treeborn frog
    Dandylion x 2
    dupe frog x 3
    Poison draw frog x1
    genex undine x 3
    flip flop frog x2
    spined gillman x 1
    Deep sea diva x2

    Spells :

    Mind control
    Hravy Storm
    Foolish Burial
    Enemy Controler x 2
    Salvage x 3
    POA x2
    One for One

    Traps :

    Mirro force
    Torrential tribute
    Botomless trap hole x 2
    AOI x 3
    Fish Depth Charge x 3

    Thnkx Guys

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