Koa'ki Mill



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    Koa'ki Mill

    Post by SeeMYGO on Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:56 am

    Monsters (2)
    1x Sangan
    1x Morphing Jar

    Spells (24)

    1x Card Destruction
    1x Giant Trunade
    3x Book of Taiyou
    1x Book of Moon
    2x Magical Stone Excavation
    2x Gold Sarcophagus
    2x A Feather of the Phoenix
    2x Magical Mallet
    2x Hand Destruction
    3x Book of Eclipse
    3x Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru
    2x Forbidden Chalice (Wrath is better, but I just like the card, and it's a spell to more fun with Reproduction)

    Traps (14)

    1x Solemn Judgement
    2x Magical Hats (deck thinning, cores to grave)
    2x Compulsory Evacuation Device
    1x Desert Sunlight
    3x Threatening Roar
    3x Dark Bribe
    2x Divine Wrath

    Extra Deck
    Does it really matter?
    I threw the Chimeratechs I have in vs. random CyDra deck, I still gotta get me a copy of Fortress

    Side Deck (15)
    1x Morphing Jar #2 (swarming hate)
    1x Jowgen the Spritualist (Pachy's flip effect is too harsh on yJar Summoned monsters at times)
    1x Koa'ki Meiru Tornado
    1x Koa'ki Meiru Guardian
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon (hate Decree)
    1x Mystic Tomato or Grand Mole
    1x Level Limit Area B (stalling only needed vs. VERY fast decks)
    1x Stumbling
    1x Core Compression (only if Koa'ki monsters sided in)
    1x Lightning Vortex (hate Jinzo)
    1x Book of Moon (more flipping)
    1x Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror (hate BW)
    1x Iron Core Luster (extra spell/trap protect, as if 3x Bribe and Solemn aren't enough)
    1x Imperial Iron Wall (this should probably be mained as many times Caius and Crow ruin my day)

    Ok, I probably shouldn't redo the whole build, but I've had such success with my stripped down Jar deck. The PacMan stuff was amusing, but it's just a waste of time if you're gonna seriously try to bring it into an open event. I'm a Koa'ki fan, but I'm sure you can find something better to do with those 3x Koa'ki cores I have in this build.

    Now, what I've learned through a couple months of self-abuse, trying to win AT sets and such purely with Jar is this. You gotta pay attention to the meta. I've studied a few other dudes who tried to sneak wins with Jar using OTK archetypes from 2 years ago. Jars are made of clay and are fragile. No different with Jar decks, they need protection. You can still pull off an OTK, but if you don't, use the draw to set protection. Roar/Waboku, Bribe/Solemn, Wrath/Chalice, and Eclipse/Desert Sunlight, and my secret Weapon: Compulsory Evacuation Device. It's like a Pause button for your Jar mayhem when u get stuck, just try to keep a Taiyou on hand.

    You can go the route where you swap your Jar to your opponent's field. It's a decent chance to OTK rate if u get set up right. It feels too gimmicky to me. It's like playing Exodia or something. I like control, not luck. The thing I like most about my method is you draw your protection, it's a lock deck, with speed, not boring and methodical like most lock decks. A few turns of damage, then a whirlwind, then the constriction. If uou can't kill me in the few turns max it takes for me to set up, can you beat me with the 5 cards a gave you and at least half your deck already in the graveyard. That is, if I'm not lucky enough to OTK pirat

    Trunade and Card D are game winners. Golds, Mallets, Hand D, Feathers and Stones/Reproductions are your bread and butter and make the deck as consistent as possible.

    Recruiters a a bit of a waste, too subject to effect destuction and/or removal. Golds do a fine job at two. I've tried Rat and Deep Diver and Tomato, Tomato is the best, but I run 1x at most, just to pull out Sanagn and get that jar in hand until I'm ready with Taiyou or Desert Sulight set on my turn.

    Taiyou is the single most important card in the deck, get it with Stone/Reproduction or Feather/Hand D whenever possible, even if you can't see using it right away, hold it then set if before a manual flip.

    What's the point of calling this a Koa'ki Deck? Well, you can slow yourself from decking out, and even if I don't need the monsters, cuz they'll be face down 90% of the time, the spells/traps are BROKEN, and getting a Core in the hand is child's play for this deck, since all you need to do is show for the trap/spell effects. I did have a build with Morphing #2 and Koa'ki Tornado (one way effect of Tornado destroys every opponent's monster Jar #2 summons) but I've had poor results with Jar milling out too much I need.

    I'm a fan of Jar abuse, and deckout is the main (read: only) win condition of this deck. Incorporating Koa'kis has a few benefits. First, choosing to draw Iron Core instead of from your deck slows you down towards the end. Mallets/Hand D/Golds make this and any Jar deck most consistent, and with luck, this can take down any deck not prepared for it.

    I've sort of moved on in my Jar investigations. My current Jar is a Remove from Play engine, using tricks to try to make use of Gold and Alchemist to get Jar in place just a tad faster, and to abuse Necroface like you would Needle Worm. I've also got a really good thing going with my Koa'ki water deck abusing Compression and Diamond Dude which I'm sure to share soon.

    Still accepting input. Tell me what you'd side against me, or what u have in your side deck that would destroy me. Thx. study

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    Re: Koa'ki Mill

    Post by Silv3rSurf3r on Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:11 am

    i do wanna suggest adding
    + 2x koaki guardian
    + foolish burial
    + shallow grave
    - hand
    + book of moon
    + threatening roar
    + 2~3 legendary jujitsu master
    + pot of avarice

    i am not really sure what to take out but those i do believe it belongs in this deck. koaki guardian is awesome can be searched by that koaki rock monster. And its effect to negate effect is nice as well


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    Re: Koa'ki Mill

    Post by SeeMYGO on Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:33 pm

    Thanks for taking a crack at it Surf3r.

    I'd love to abuse Shallow Grave more, unfortunately it is often a dead draw in early game, and also when I'm trying to keep my anti-special summon defenses up. It's really only there as a last ditch to get Morphing Jar back from the grave. Trying to make space in the deck for Shallow and Foolish is double difficult.

    Pot of Avarice could also get me a re-use of Jar, but I usually find that my Koa'ki combos are already jump-started after I use Jar, and decking myself out is much less of a problem with the option of drawing from my graveyard each turn.

    Now, as much as I love Guardian in any other deck, especially the synergy with Boulder, the point of this deck is to mill quick as hell, and putting a card in that doesn't contribute to that makes it hard to justify making deck space for it. Same deal with Juji, and CED kinda accomplishes the same thing for me, though the advantage is slightly less. I should side a few for GB match, however.

    Right now with 3x Eclipse and 2x Book, I got all the Quick-Play down flipping I need, and up flipping with Taiyou and Desert Sunlight is not needed as much with all the stall this deck gives. I really only worry about spells, traps and effects that take out my key monsters on opponents turn. Wrath/Chalice and Bribes get me thorugh the couple turns I need before Deckout

    Roar is another card I can't get enough of, just trying to make space for it in this deck. You can throw Waboku in the mix, but 3x Roar is about all you'll ever need.

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    Re: Koa'ki Mill

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