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    Koa'ki Water Dude

    Post by SeeMYGO on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:02 pm

    This is the one I ground down rodrigo with ;o)

    This is my new baybay. I got it all in this one. Basically take your Absolute Zero/Diva deck, cut it in half, and paste in a bit of Koa'ki and Diamond Dude madness. Basically you abuse the Sea Panther/Diamond Dude synergy.

    Here's the screenshot:

    Decklist (for those who still read ;-)

    Monsters (17):
    1x Summoner Monk
    3x Destiny Hero Diamond Dude
    1x Elemental Hero Stratos
    1x Elemental Hero Ocean
    1x Reese the Ice Mistress
    1x Plaguespreader Zombie
    1x Tragoedia
    2x Koa'ki Meiru Ice (added one cuz he saved my buns vs an EHero deck, very good card vs. meta)
    1x Spined Gillman (might add another since I rely so much on Area B)
    1x Deep Sea Diva (can't afford another ;-)
    1x Snowman Eater (stall/fusion/syncro do it all)
    1x Koa'ki Hydro Barrier (this deck needs skill drain too, right? I've never used it's effect, so might be gone soon=)
    2x Koa'ki Meiru Sea Panther (it's built for Dude abuse, but frankly, it's not all that)

    Spells (21):
    1x Gravekeeper's Servant
    1x Giant Trunade (>Heavy with my stalling spells)
    1x Reinforcement of the Army
    1x Book of Moon (anti staple, can save a lone koaki for a turn)
    1x Mega Ton Magical Cannon (free reusable nukage with Dude)
    1x Magical Stone Excavation
    1x Level Limit Area B (KEY CARD 1st Gold target)
    2x Gold Sarcophagus (gets my Area B binkee fast, otherwise I dump something I'd rather not hit with Dude)
    2x A Feather of the Phoenix (key to Dude abuse I'd run 3x if not for space)
    1x Miracle Fusion (why deck 2 when 1 is reusable?)
    3x Dimensional Fissure (added 1 to be sure, replaces FuFu as they conflict)
    2x Destiny Draw (Core Compression needs too much, I always get Dude easy with stratos or ocean)
    2x Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru (most Koaki decks use 3x right? Sea Panther's isn't the most important recycling effect)
    1x Forbidden Chalice (I'd feel better if I could fit more in)

    Traps (7):
    1x Solemn Judgment
    1x Torrential
    2x Bottomless Trap Hole
    1x Divine Wrath (my other binkee, the -1 isn't missed much when you're drawing like this deck can)
    1x Spiritual Water Art Aoi (might replace with Mask of Restrict or Side vs Monarch)
    1x Trap Stun (alternative to Decrees)

    Extra Deck (15):
    2x Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
    1x Man-Eating Shark (Level 5 Water for Gungnir) (I side Instant Fusion not sure about it yet)
    1x Karbonala Warrior (Level 4 Earth) or Fusionist (Level 3 Earth) considering an Airbellum to get Naturia Beast or Barkion)
    1x Brionac
    1x Catastor
    1x Colossal Fighter
    1x Stardust Dragon
    1x Red Dragon Archfiend
    1x Goyo
    1x Magical Android, probably play Gishinldon or Dewloren if I still had one
    1x Black Rose Dragon
    1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
    1x Gungnir (if i can get the material right)

    Side Deck: These are cards I'm considering to add for Dude abuse
    Marauding Captain (speedy sync or effect monster summon or lock with a 2nd)
    Core Compression (yes, already in the side. rarely activated from hand, 2x DDraw does ok)
    Swords of Revealing Light (stall or speed, main or side?)
    Future Fusion (reveal for Ice, but can't send to GY with Fissure, so out)
    Dimension Distortion (D.D.R without equip restrictions)
    Darkness Approaches (can save my Koa'kis, like a non-Quick Play Book of Moon)
    Burden of the Mighty (accomodates for lack of Beatsticks, reveal for Ice)
    Lightning Vortex
    Urgent Tuning (too limited to main)
    Instant Fusion
    Nobleman of Crossout or Extermination
    Dark Core (free Remove Monster from Play)
    Primal Seed (free recover 2 cards from Removed Zone)
    Back to Square One (free PWWB)
    2x Royal Decree (Trap Stun serves me better, lets me have enough defense to weather the meta)

    Playtested today, won my last Duel in chance DT encounter vs rodrigo's X-Sabers, wore him down with Area B, and Chalice saved my buns when he Brionac'ed. I think another Diva would give me the best access to Syncro toolbox and beatness, but I've never really had another to play with. Hopefully their price comes down within my range soon. been trying to get a couple for a Bergzak, hope Koa'kis get more interest in a month or so and they will be enough in demand (and Diva less so) so I can finally get a whole set of Diva.

    Ok, I'm trying my hardest for speed over stall. The Warrior kit is out for the moment. Royal was sweet vs. Burn but I can't be defensive or control enough without Traps, so I'm trying out Stun, and I'll side 2x Decree. I got Bottomless and Torrential, don't think I'll need any anti-attack Traps like Prison. Seriously considering Mask of Restrict 'cuz you know the next duel is Frognarch whenever u need a win, so I might have to take out Aoi for Dustshoot or something like that.

    A Legendary Ocean had to go, as superior as my Level 4 Waters were if I got it. Gillman did me a solid and stayed up when Area B was locking stuff down, and maybe deserves another copy over Reese, although I find cleaning up the field with 2 tuners is necessary after a couple turns of Monking out Dudes and such. Maybe Area B even warrants that Magic Reflector spell that protects Continuous Spells. It's that GOOD!

    Can't believe I didn't think about Plague before, duh, Spells in hand to top of deck. Never ran a pure Dude deck before, I'm sure I'm missing other tricks. Had to put Trago in for OTK defense, thinking about Roars to respond to Storm and protect my precious Dudes, but only cuz I got demolished by a Glad deck that summoned Gyzarus at LEAST once very turn- I swear if I summoned Gyzarus every turn, I never would lose, but this noob took like 20 turns cuz he kept summoning the worst GB possible- Octavius- and cuz Chalice is a beast card)

    As I learned with my Jar experience, just get the damn combo set up! No dicking around. I'd like to tweak syncroing with Diva and Instant Fusion and Fusion summoning Zero, but all I really care about is getting a Dude or two and Panther out, then drawing with Compression until I can nuke with Mega Ton, and Beating down on a clean field with 1900 ATK Koa'ki. The best stall I got is either Area B, or my favorite Anti combo of all time, Dimensional Fissure + Gravekeeper's servant. Cold Wave is amazing, no restrictions when Duded, play it in your 2nd Main Phase. Urgent Tuning is too limited, Monk is so awesome I'm gonna think about squeezing in Urknight for the Koa'ki half of the deck if syncros don't fall in.

    I've also got a halfway decent Beast-warrior build now that Urknight is out, which I'll share once I'm done having fun with this one. I updated my Jar deck, dumped most of the Koa'ki stuff to show a playable one, and I updated the Koa'ki Drain with Urknight and a few tiny tweaks, but haven't really tested much.

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