Fissure Glads


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    Fissure Glads

    Post by SeeMYGO on Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:53 pm

    Main Deck ( 43 ):
    Still working on it, I know I don't have to but I'm sure I'll figure out what card to take out.

    Monsters ( 14 ):
    1x Summoner Monk
    1x GB Murmillo
    1x GB Bestiari
    2x GB Laquari
    1x GB Hoplomus
    1x GB Retiari
    1x GB Secutor
    1x GB Darius
    3x Test Tiger
    2x GB Equeste

    Spells ( 16 ):
    2x Mystical Space Typhoon
    1x Dark Hole
    1x Heavy Storm
    3x Book of Moon
    3x Dimensional Fissure
    2x Gladiator's Proving Ground
    2x Pot of Duality
    2x Forbidden Lance

    Traps ( 13 ):
    1x Solemn Judgment
    2x Solemn Warning
    1x Waboku
    1x Torrential Tribute
    1x Return from a Different Dimension
    3x Gladiator Beast War Chariot
    2x Bottomless Trap Hole
    1x Trap Stun
    1x Compulsory Evacuation Device

    Extra Deck ( 15 ):
    Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
    GB Heraklinos x2
    GB Gyzarus
    Mist Wurm
    AoJ Catastor
    Colossal Fighter
    Stardust Dragon x2
    Red Dragon Archfiend
    Black Rose Dragon
    Iron Chain Dragon
    Power Tool Dragon

    Side Deck ( 14 ):
    Thunder King Rai-Oh
    Effect Veiler
    Consecrated Light
    Jowls of Dark Demise (for Mirror)
    Cyber Dragon
    EH Prisma
    Mirror Force
    Chain Disappearance/Nobleman of Extermination
    GB Respite
    My Body as a Shield
    Smashing Ground
    Starlight Road
    D.D.Reincarnation/Dimension Explosion
    Dust Tornado
    Icarus Attack
    GB Lanista
    GB Octavius
    BW Gale

    If you're not sure why someone would run Dimensional Fissure in Glads, just remember that Glads don't often hit the Graveyard, or at least they don't need to for plays outside of Prisma.

    Monk has proven to be a reasonable substitute for fast Gyzarus plays. I've played builds with more Wanghu and Rai-oh, and I just prefer to draw more Glads for versatility, which is why I still main Darius, in case I feel I can side out of Fissure.

    MBaaS I'll proabably get back to, since people trying to avoid Starlight these days, but for now I like CED, defensively and vs. syncros and fusions. Waboku's still in at 1, for OTK defense, but Glads have gotten a bit more poupular and stronger, and there's that side card for the mirror.

    2x Lance is all I have, but they're enough, protect my monsters and act like a mini shrink to get cheap kills and tags on opponent's attacking monsters, even slicker than Moon, and I might try for a 3rd copy.

    Return from a Different Dimension, and to a lesser extent, DDR, make some impressive plays with a removed Gyzarus (who gets his destruction effect whenever he is Special Summoned) and/or Bestiari, which means you can play them with more abandon than Plain Old Glad Beasts (POGB). I've even considered Dimension Explosion (Quick Play), which lets you return a Herk or Gyzarus about to get blasted to pull a few Tigers or GBs from the RFP area and make something happen, but it's very "situational" (haven't been able to pull it off yet).

    I can side in Icarus in Glads, though I would like to play Octavius, it always seems to end up in my hand. Icarus gives me something to do with a hanging Equeste, let's me get some + out of a Bestiari or Gyzarus that would've got blasted anyway or even lets me set Equeste first turn to help give a clear field Turn 3. Gives me another excuse to run Gale also, even in a deck with Wanghu, I mean you've got to set it anyway with Wanghu out.

    Nobleman of Extermination is something I'm trying out, though not as versatile as Dust Tornado, I'm thinking it won't hurt me so much since I don't run the commonplace traps like Bottomless and Prison, which Waboku stands in place of for me.

    Veiler would be great if this wasn't a Fissure deck, but 3x Chariot makes it unnecessary.

    My extra deck is still disorganized. I got 2x copies of Herk, and I feel safe with that.

    I know you all probably think I'm obsessed with Koa'ki Meiru archetype, but there's a keen new deck with Glads and Koa'ki's mixed, since alot of the Glads can be revealed for Koa'kis' costs. I'll give a taste when I have a chance to work out what works best. I'd really like to fit Morphing Jar, Mole, and a few Koa'ki Guardians in this Deck, but you can't have everything...where would you put everything? ;-)

    If you can think of any other remove from play tricks that might help this deck out, drop me a reply.

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