Frog Borg Synchro



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    Frog Borg Synchro

    Post by SeeMYGO on Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:51 am

    Okay, I'm not usually a meta-type fella, but this deck is sorta broken and is likely to remain so until the next banlist. No, it's not Frognach.

    Monsters ( 26 ):
    1x Sangan
    3x Des Frog
    2x Treeborn Frog
    1x Dandylion
    1x Substitoad
    1x Unifrog
    3x Kinka-byo
    3x Dupe Frog
    2x Deep Sea Diva
    3x Fishborg Blaster
    3x Swap Frog
    1x Battle Fader

    1x Card Destruction
    1x Soul Release
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    1x Foolish Burial
    3x Enemy Controller
    2x Salvage
    3x Pot of Avarice
    1x Burial from Another Dimension
    1x One for One

    Traps ( 1 ):
    Spiritual Water Art - Aoi

    Extra Deck ( 15 ):
    Mist Wurm
    AoJ Catastor
    Stardust Dragon
    Red Dragon Archfiend
    Goyo Guardian
    Magical Android
    Thought Ruler Archfiend
    Black ROse Dragon
    Iron Chain Dragon
    Armory Arm
    Ancient Fairy Dragon
    Synchrons for Quickdraw

    Debris Dragon
    Spined Gillman
    Quickdraw SYnchron
    Mind Control
    Cold Wave
    Creature Swap
    Lightning Vortex
    Book of Moon
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Monster Reincarnation
    Magical Mallet
    Hand Destruction
    Torrential Tribute

    Okay, here's how it works. First priority is Treeborn, so get that in the Grave any way you can, set it first turn on a naked field if u have to.

    Next, get Substitoad in the Graveyard. You might be able to Special Summon Swap (by discarding Fishborg or Treeborn hopefully) first turn, then send Substitoad to the Graveyard with Foolish or Swap's effect.

    Kinka Byo will summon Substitoad from the grave, and if all you can get is toad and Treeborn turn 1, then tribute them for Dupes to have a lock on until next turn. Remember with Kinka-byo to tribute Substitoad by its own effect last, otherwise it will be removed from play at the end of the turn when the Spirit Kinka-byo returns to the hand.

    If you don't draw a Kinka, Salvage will get toad back to your hand for another round, and you can use the extra summon from Swap's effect after returning itself to your hand to summon it. I try to save Foolish to get a Fishborg in the Grave, or use One for One to get it on the field since its harder to get out of the deck than the Frogs and toad.

    If your Dupe lock gets broken somehow, at least Dupe's effect gives you Frogs from your deck for thinning or recycles a Swap or Unifrog in the Grave.

    Once you've got your lock out, you just hang in there until you have Fishborg in the Grave. Clear their back row with Unifrog, perhaps, thin your deck, maybe get a bit of draw with Avarice.

    Once you've got Fishborg in the Grave with some cards you can discard in your hand, special summon Fishborg by discarding a card, use toad to Tribute another card for Des Frog, since all the material has to be Water Attribute for Fishborg.

    Now you have lots of Synchro options. My first option is Fishborg + Des = Goyo. If you're not worried about thier backrow or retaliation next turn, then go for Brionac and clear the field, by all means.

    You could clean up with Black Rose by Tributing the toad and Fishborg and Des if they have a heavy backfield or lots of face downs. Gungnir might be overkill at 7 stars, but it's secure enough if you dont have much to clean and you have in your hand a means to get toad back out from the Grave next turn.

    Or if you've got a spare Dupe or 2 down as you should, go for the whole enchilada and bring out your Big 8 stars like Stardust or RDA (not the best choice if your lock is out, but it still works with Dupes in attack position). Mist isn't the most bang for your buck, but maybe you'd like to clear a few of your own monster zones while your at it and set up your grave for Avarice perhaps.

    Ditching Dandy to summon Fishborg isn't often afforded by field space, since you already need to have a monster on the field for Fishborg's effect, but if it's Substitoad then you could be golden. I mostly use Dandy with Debris on an empty field to get a quick Stardust for extra insurance.

    I've also got Diva's with Gillman (for the boost) in here too, since Fishborg is a bit finicky and it's an easy Catastor if you're screwed with an empty field and no other options. The main engine of this deck is Des Frog and Fishborg though.

    So in summary, here's the simple Formula: Swap>Treeborn>Substitoad>Dupe Lock>Fishborg>Des Frog>Syncro (as usual Brionac is the Game changer)

    Let's not minimize the role of the lone Uniforg in all this. He's a good last Summon when you tribute Substitoad if you've already managed to get your lock before your Battle Phase. He can avoid most stalls and break them, he can take out face down traps, since most people won't even bother to use a Prison on your Unifrog out of indifference or ignorance.

    Also, the beatdown-ness of 3x Des Frogs (5700 ATK) on a clear field can't be underestimated, and if you got to a clear field with Brionac, that makes it an even 8000 for the round. So OTK is definitely within reach for this deck, though I've yet to pull it off.

    All in all a reliable deck for me so far. It's contorted to play at times, and your time limit can be a problem in events, so practice. It's not so aggressive as the Frognarch's, so a little patience is required. You want to build so you usually have enough to get started right away first turn. Sangan, or Gold in a pinch, will pull anything you're missing if you can stall a few rounds.

    Enjoy, and win some TP for VIP #1! cheers

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    Re: Frog Borg Synchro

    Post by StandbyPhase on Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:20 am

    looks like nice deck


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