HotShotPlayer Application


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    HotShotPlayer Application

    Post by Hotshotplayer on Thu May 26, 2011 12:42 pm

    1. What is your name in real and game? Tom / Hotshotplayer
    2. What level are you and (win/lose)? Lvl 21 (Wins: 1683 Looses: 1183)
    3. Since how long you been playing Yu-Gi-Oh? Since was about 11yo
    4. Have you ever played any clan war before? Yes for IllusiveSkyline
    5. How old are you? 16
    6. Where are you from? Australia
    7. Why do you want to join VIP? Such an Amazing team with so many great caring members
    8. How can you benefit the clan? I bring alot of strength and dedication to any clan that i join and always do the best i can.
    9. What is your favorite deck? Lightsworn won 552 Evo stars with it Smile
    10. When are you available for clan practice? Yes im online alot.
    11. Do you have msn? If you do what is it? and don't put dots after your msn user name. ( )
    12. U was in a Clan before? yes
    13. When yes, why not anymore? Had some team difficulties with leadership problems.
    14. Tell us about your self so we get to know you better, and why should we let you try out for our team. I beleive im a very young and dedicated duelist always looking for a challenge and just love chatting and making friends with everyone.


    Re: HotShotPlayer Application

    Post by Guest on Thu May 26, 2011 5:07 pm

    Thanks for you app Tom. Smile

    I just added u in MSN, u will do some test matches, and then we tell u if we take u as trial member in VIP.


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