How to become a VIP Clan War Member



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    How to become a VIP Clan War Member

    Post by xxsabxx on Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:00 pm

    1. What is your name in real and game? ( Raul/ BEASTXR)
    2. What level are you and (win/lose)? LVL 20 953(w) 829(l)
    3. Since how long you been playing Yu-Gi-Oh? 2 Years
    4. Have you ever played any clan war before? Yes
    5. How old are you? 19
    6. Where are you from? USA
    7. Why do you want to join VIP? Asked to Join by a current Team member
    8. How can you benefit the clan? I'm a Seasonal Tp ranker
    9. What is your favorite deck? Blackwings
    10. When are you available for clan practice? whenever
    11. Do you have msn? If you do what is it? and don't put dots after your msn user name.
    12. U was in a Clan before? Yes
    13. When yes, why not anymore? Wanted to try something New
    14. Tell us about your self so we get to know you better, and why should we let you try out for our team. I'm easy to get along with and friendly. I want to try something new and here to have fun and show how good I can be Smile.

    The Wild Cat

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    Re: How to become a VIP Clan War Member

    Post by The Wild Cat on Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:05 pm

    Okay Paul I have added you on MSN and we will soon begin the testing phase. I explain you all on game so all I gotta say is good luck in the test duels!

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