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    New Player

    Post by DarkMalicius on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:06 am

    What is your name in real and game? My name in real is Samuele in game DarkMalicius

    What level are you and (win/lose)? lv 22 and i have 2300 wins 1300 losses.

    Since how long you been playing Yu-Gi-Oh? one yars + o -

    Have you ever played any clan war before? yes

    How old are you? 21

    Where are you from? I Come from Italy.

    Why do you want to join VIP? I want to join in your team because a friend who invited me in VIP.

    When are you available for clan practice? depends from the hour job

    Do you have msn? in this period it does not work ..... I must format pc -_-


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    Re: New Player

    Post by EternityRage on Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:36 am

    Hello Samuele.

    I wanna thank you for ur Application on VIP.
    You will get tested from some of our Members soon, where u don't can show us your skill's, we don't care if you win or lose the test matche's.

    After that we will decide if we take you as trial-member in our Clan.
    Get ready for the duels.

    P.S. You forgot to answer 3 last questions, please edit ur post and answer them.

    Vigorous Immortal Players.

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